With a significant proportion of our members aged under eighteen, Safeguarding is a top priority for all in our SLSGB Communities.

The Role of SLSGB is to provide advice, guidance and support when needed to its clubs, members and volunteers.

SLSGB Safeguarding Guidance Document


Our Safeguarding Guidance document aims to make the task of Safeguarding easy to follow with the focus just on Safeguarding matters and a clear understanding of responsibilities.

Some of the topics included in this Guidance document:

  • Club Safeguarding Policy
  • Who needs Safeguarding Training and who are they trained by
  • Club Member Code of Conduct
  • Duty of Care
  • Equality Policy
  • Positions of Trust
  • Practices to be avoided
  • Minor Incidents that must be reported/recorded
  • How to manage a Young Person who is abused
  • Guidance on transporting children and young people
  • Guidance on social media
  • What is abuse
  • Confidentiality
  • Case Management
  • The DBS Process
Download the SLSGB Safeguarding Guidance

Clubs affiliated to SLSGB are legally independent organisations owned and controlled by their members. The ultimate responsibility to create a safe environment within the Club lies with the members of each club. Download the Safeguarding Checklist

This guidance document aims to provide a clear policy and framework to enable Clubs to build a strong safeguarding culture to fulfil a duty of care to all their members for implementation and delivery of current, robust safeguarding procedures.