Hove Surf Lifesaving Club

The objects for which the Hove Surf Life Saving Club is established is to save lives and prevent drowning and to provide education and training in all areas relating to lifesaving, rescue and resuscitation for the benefit of the public in Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas by

  • The promotion and provision of Surf Lifesaving qualifications and training in water safety, rescue, lifesaving, coaching, resuscitation and first aid;
  • The promotion and organisation of lifesaving and rescue, beach and pool training, water sports and lifesaving activities for training, recreation and enjoyment that encourage fitness, team work, responsibility and excellence in pursuit of these objects;
  • The promotion of and the provision of voluntary lifesaving and rescue services to the community and public at large;
  • The provision of lifesaving safety awareness and prevention of drowning information;
  • The promotion of the club and its activities within the local community;
  • Priority will be given to wider participation of members who are not already members of an existing SLSGB club.