Thank you for a great 2021



Against all the odds, with your help and incredible contributions, Surf Lifesaving has had a great 2021.

After a busy winter with lots of challenges, the Sun shone, we all got going, clubs opened and it was great to be back on the Beach and using Pools. Congratulations to all involved 

Thank You to our Lifesaving and Sport Committees and the Clinical Advisory Group for all your good work and guidance through lockdown and for helping us plan and support a new year of safe activity. The groundwork by the Sport Committee led to a memorable season with the rebirth of smaller, informal club sport events (“Twilights”) with the focus on just having fun, celebrating meeting up, seeing who is fit and strutting our stuff. The feedback was “let’s do this again” and with your help, we will!

Work by the Lifesaving Committee enabled a new learning module on the skill of observation to be launched and this will be followed by more improvements to the Lifeguard learning content during this winter.

Thank you to all our event officials, Referees and Safety Boat Teams.  Come rain, sun or even storm, you were always there to make our events possible, enjoyable and run to the highest safety standards.

Thank you to all those who Patrol. In the period up to Easter our beaches were busier than ever with the new challenge of huge numbers of cold water swimming and many newcomers visiting the beaches having no real idea about how to stay safe.  Our Club Patrols undertook a total of 26,104 on duty volunteer hours during which time they responded to 156 life threatening incidents and saved 27 lives. Non-operational hours were 128,131.

Thank you to all in our volunteer front line Search and Rescue Response Teams, both the Flood teams and now the Special Operations Boat Teams assisting the Police with missing person search and recovery. Your commitment, skill and dedication to maintain 24/7 operational capability required 6,160 hours of planning and preparation, 13,490 hours of training and you contributed 550 hours of operational deployment time

Thank you to our Club Trainer Assessors and others who helped to deliver more Lifesaving Awards than ever before – 549 courses, a total of 3310 awards

Thank you to our Lifeguards and Lifesavers. Leading up to the new year and during the year we renewed just over 1,423 of your vocational awards to enable you to carry on providing your Lifesaving services to save lives and keep people safe. I addition, during the year 1,121 new Lifeguards and Lifesavers were qualified.

Thank you to our Level 1 and Level 2 Coaches. There are now 557 of you and without you we could not have run the hundreds of training sessions at our clubs knowing that all those involved were safe, well cared for and happy.

Thank you to all our Club Safe Guarding Officers. You are maintaining the highest safeguarding standards to support and help keep young people and vulnerable adults protected.

Thank you for calling our member facing office team who during the year answered your 3,172 calls and responded to over 10,000 emails.

Thanks to all who supported the Nipper programme, our future  Lifesavers.  Without you, 2,020 young people would not have enjoyed their first step on the Lifesaving pathway to becoming part of our fantastic Lifesaving community

Thank you to all the unsung heroes behind the scenes at our clubs who collectively kept the wheels turning, the lights burning, the loos flushing, the floors swept, the windows painted, the tea brewing, ran the Club and paid the bills, kept the kit repaired, the roof from blowing away and the first aid kit ready.

Thank you to all our members who have supported the vaccination centres as volunteer helpers and are still an essential part of helping to keep their communities safe to defeat COVID

Thanks most of all for continuing to be a member. Without your support we could not insure your activities or provide the member services to enable and record all your achievements. The Head Office Team takes great pride in being the best that we can to make Surf Lifesaving the best it can be for you to make us the Number One Lifesaving Organisation.

Together, let’s make 2022 an even better Surf Life Saving year. Have a great Christmas, stay safe and most of all stay healthy

Please Note: The office team will be taking a well earned and much needed break – our last working day will be Friday 17th December and the office will open in the New Year on Tuesday 4th January.