Paddy Morgan, SLSGB Medical Adviser and Life Member, has been awarded the prestigious Ireland Medal for outstanding services to Lifesaving.

 Lifesaving Foundation Secretary, John Connolly, said

The medal had been introduced in 2003. This was the 19th medal ceremony. The Ireland Medal is recognised as a major honour worldwide due to the prestige and major contributions to Lifesaving of all recipients”.

 In the immediate past presentation in 2019, the Medal was awarded to Prof Mike Tipton, SLSGB adviser and Trustee, for his contribution to lifesaving research and the work of Portsmouth University for prevention of drowning. 

 Tim Coventry, SLSGB CEO, remarked 

This is the first time that an Ireland Medal had been awarded to two members of the same organisation recognising the outstanding quality of our Advisers and the SLSGB Team. Both Mike and Paddy have made substantial ground breaking contributions to our medical and safety governance now reflected in our training and awards enabling our Lifesaving and Search and Rescue activities to be the best they can be”.

Mayor of Waterford Cllr. Joe Kelly presenting the 2020 Ireland Medal to Dr Paddy Morgan