Youth Athlete Development Programme to Prepare for 2022 GBR Team Selection

(Please Note: This programme is only for SLSGB members.  It is not part of the GBR Team Selection process that will open later this year)
The SLSGB High Performance Committee would like to know more about and to offer help to SLSGB Youth Athletes who will be eligible for GBR Team Selection for the 2022 ILS World Championships. We would also like to get to know and work with their coaches
The Youth Team age eligibility criteria for the ILS 2022 Worlds is that
competitors who reach age 15, 16, 17 or 18 by 31 December 2022 are eligible.  Anyone who turns 14 or 19 in 2022 is not eligible.
There is very little, or no, high level competitive performance history for most of those in the eligible group. The next opportunity to show what you can do will probably be the GBR Team selection tests starting later this year
This Programme is aimed to provide information, guidance and help for eligible Youth Athletes and their Coaches for their selection preparations.
It will start with two Zoom sessions.
Session One will be held on TUESDAY 13th JULY at 6 PM
It is open to all who are interested to learn more. It will be a Webinar presentation only (no Q&A) to explain what athletes will need to know about GBR Selection and how our programme will help you.
send a mail headed “2022 Youth Athlete” to
Session Two will be for those Athletes and Coaches who have asked to take part in the programme following Session One and will be a fully interactive first step in getting to know more about you and starting to provide help and guidance.
Those who will provide guidance are top level team managers, coaches and pool and beach event specific experts (The date for this will be set when we know how many have registered, but before the end of July) 
Further sessions will follow.
NOTE:  If you are unable to attend Session One Webinar, a recording will be posted on the SLSGB website, BUT catch up as soon as you can.  There will be a time limited opportunity to join the programme.