The National Vaccination Programme Is Looking for Volunteers

The NHS has contracted St Johns Ambulance to recruit, select and train volunteers to help with vaccination.
There will be a small group of our members who can undertake injections, many of whom will already be involved. 
There is a much large number who will have the knowledge and experience to be trained to be a Vaccination Care Volunteer or a Volunteer Patient Advocate.
The SLSGB First Aid Award is equal to if not higher than the HSE First Aid at Work award. You also may have training in Safeguarding and casualty welfare.
Some of our clubs in remote areas may be able to offer the local vaccination programme use of a club house and help to manage the logistics, cleaning and other non- medical support activities.
Right now, nothing is more important than the rapid roll out of this programme.  Please do your bit to help if you can.
Learn more and to register here –