Updated SLSGB Club COVID-19 Activity Guidance – Issued 21st December 2020

Further to our guidance issued on the 3rd December and the latest Government Guidance with the introduction of Tier 4 effective now, below is our revised Club Activity Guidance

Tiers 1,2 and 3 Outdoor Activity

Follow Guidance as provided on 3rd December EXCEPT – NO GROUP ACTIVITY – Restrict all activity to 6 person bubbles (Multiple bubbles permitted)

Tier 4  Outdoor Activity

Organised outdoor activity for those under the age of 18 ONLY is allowed
Activity in 6 person bubbles (Multiple bubbles permitted)

Use of Pools for those Over 18

Please note that in Tier 3, those who are 18 and over are not currently permitted to participate in club organised pool activity but can swim in open pool sessions.  Unhelpfully, the current guidance does not clearly define what “participating” is but the inference is as an active part of an organised group.  Swim England is challenging this but be aware that pool operators may be enforcing this.