Sport Committee Update

Cancellation of all 2020 Pool Events

Cancellation of Surf Championships

Announcement of Intent to hold New Regional Surf Events

Announcement of Intent to hold an Open Surf Carnival Event

Although Government guidance now permits Team Sports to hold limited participant events and pools are to open, it will not be possible, even if restrictions are further lifted, that we will be able to organise during 2020 any National Championship Level events due to restrictions on numbers.


Accordingly, we now confirm the cancellation of :-

Nipper Pool Championships,  

Open & Masters Pool Championship and the SERC Event

Youth Pool Championships

Nipper Surf Championships

Youth Surf Championships

Open and Master Surf Championships


We fully understand how disappointing this news is however we are planning to  provide some fun and competition during 2020 on the beach with some alternative Lifesaving Sport opportunities.

We believe that there may be an opportunity to organise limited participant events later in the year. We are engaged with consultation with Sport England, who are advising Government, to be considered as an Open Air Arena Activity similar to track and field events, where numbers of up to 100 competitors are being considered. 

The Sport Committee are now working in Regional Groups to plan “Surf Carnival Events” modified and managed to be C19 safe that will be open to age group competitors just within each respective Region.  These will be day events limiting the need for an overnight stay.

SLSGB is also working on a plan to hold an “Open Surf Carnival” at Portreath during October based on the expectation that we will have two days of competition and can organise separate waves of events to keep competitor numbers at any one time at the event location to 100.

All this will depend on the reduction of COVID-19 risks on the Government Guidance to Level 2 – (See below) and acceptance that we are an Arena Sport

The advantage of this plan is that the events proposed do not require an extended planning process and can be implemented at short notice. 

As the C-19 situation materialises we can respond.  With the current consistent C-19 downward national trend and no spikes close to our event locations the chances of being able to hold the events looks promising.

The Sport Committee will meet again on the 5th August to review and finalise the Regional Events and the Open Surf Carnival and C-19 permitting will announce dates, locations, event format and other relevant details


Let’s hope we can end this year with something to celebrate