You will have seen and some of you will have been involved in SLSGB Beach Warden activity.

Click Here to see the Beach Warden role description.
So far, this new SLSGB volunteer beach safety service has been involved in over 1,000 interventions, at C19 safe distance, no close contact, beach safety advisory and guidance activity for our beach users.
Analysis of incidents clearly indicates that if the Beach Warden Patrols could have the added resource of a boat on the water to shepherd those in danger to safer waters and to offer a “rescue tow” whilst maintaining a safe C19 distance, more people could be helped and more incidents could be prevented from escalating to a full rescue situation.
Many Clubs operating IRB’s and ISB’s may wish to volunteer to provide a boat to Beach Warden Patrols.  To enable those requiring a boat competency to be renewed we have extended the self-declaration Lifesaving award renewal process to now include IRB and ISB competencies
If you would like to start the process to renew your IRB/ISB Awards then please Click Here and complete the form and return to
This activity has been approved by both our IRB Committee and Lifesaving Committee