Great News……………. We can now be ON the Beach!

The latest COVID-19 Government guidance allows up to six unrelated people to undertake open air, shared activity in small, unsupported groups to go to beach and jointly undertake physical activity.

In short, we are able to do the following:-

  • Up to 6 people can be involved in any shared group activity on the beach or in the water at the same time – a “Bubble”
  • The activity must be outside in the open air
  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times

There can be more than one group of six if they are entirely separate Bubbles.  This can permit, for example, 6 individual parents/carers to be in their own separate remote Bubble whilst those in their care do their own thing in another remote Bubble.  The Bubbles must never combine, exchange participants or come together during or immediately after the activity.

If a coach or activity leader is used this person must be one of the six and cannot be shared across multiple Bubbles

If in the water activity is undertaken a Lifeguard should attend and will be one of the six.  Lifeguards cannot be shared across Bubbles and must be either a current and valid Beach or Surf Lifeguard (The Lifeguard is not intended to provide a rescue response but to guide and control activities to ensure safety and to avoid a rescue response)  The Lifeguard can also be an activity leader/trainer. (Please note that the inclusion of the “ Lifeguard” is a Government stated requirement. This means that this cannot be substituted with a “Lifesaver”)

Clubs facilities should remain closed and opened only in areas needed to be used as access to the outside meeting area. Toilets can be opened if managed in line with COVID19 current guidance. This will require separate attended supervision by a competent club officer.

At first glance this seems quite easy and it is if you stick to the rules.  The problems start when attempts are made to “bend or modify” the rules to include more participants. 

THIS MUST BE AVOIDED – PLEASE TAKE CARE – This programme is now enshrouded in C19 UK Government Law and Police can take action.

The activity will be covered by SLSGB Insurance as an approved SLSGB club activity if you nominate a club SLSGB Level 2 Coach to undergo a short online training and awareness session to be the Club Lead on the organisation and management of the sessions. (This person can train other level 2 Coaches in your Club)

The online training will be live on zoom in small groups to enable questions and discussion.  Sessions will be aimed to be not more than 45 minutes and will be scheduled to provide time choices. Learning content including full COVID-19 operating guidance will be available as reference resources.  We will also provide on an ongoing mentoring service to help clubs manage this activity.


If you would like your club to be back on the beach, to register for the training mail to