We are calling for volunteers to be deployed as soon as possible to undertake a safety advisory service to beach users at a time when there is no beach safety net.

  • Beaches are now able to be used by all as a “safe open space”      
  • Increasing numbers of the public will seize the opportunity to have a day out. 
  • Many are going into the water
  • Many will be in danger

During the current Stage 4 of the Governments COVID-19 measures, all close contact is dangerous.  The virus is not fully contained and transmission risks remain high.

We already know that surfers, open water swimmers and paddle sports people are seeing the sea as open to them.  Whilst social distancing needs may seem to be relatively easy to achieve, it is increasingly clear that many using the beaches will interpret this in different ways.

A rescue and CPR is a high-risk COVID-19 contamination situation that we and others are not yet fully prepared for. 

We need to do everything we can NOW to intervene to avoid incidents requiring a rescue response.

The Beach Warden is an at a “safe distance” activity following C 19 guidance to observe the beach, beach surrounds and close inshore ocean area to provide relevant safety advice to beach users and to be able to call in outside rescue/CPR help when needed.

To apply you must hold a Current and Valid SLSGB Surf Lifeguard/ NVBLG or Surf Lifesaver Award, be a full member of SLSGB for insurance cover and have completed a minimum of 20 hours of beach safety activity in 2019 (this can be self-declared).

You will also need a letter of support from a member of your Club who must be a qualified Lifeguard or a TA for the Award you are using to confirm that you are suitable for the roll.

You will also need to undertake a short online training tutorial that will cover the Beach Warden operating procedure that you will need to fully understand and agree to follow.


For more details and to start your application please contact  mail@slsgb.org.uk