COVID-19 UPDATE 20th May

Further to our Guidance sent to you earlier this month and in response to members wanting to go to the beach, this is to clarify the current position.
Go to the Beach but please remember that whilst the COVID-19 Pandemic remains at Level 4, the virus is not contained and still transmitting.
As a Lifesaving Organisation our situation is somewhat unique. We are actually based on the beach and others are entitled to look to our lead and example as experts in beach safety.  The clue is in the name!  So please behave responsibly.
Don’t Take Risks – Our priority is your safety. Going to the beach at this time for you or your family is no safer than any other outdoor activity.  Our concern is that you fully understand and manage the risks. 

  • Strictly Follow the current Government Social Distancing guidance at all times
  • If you or any of your family are displaying COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has, or are a vulnerable person, stay at home
  • If you are going into the water to train only use kit that you own and keep at home – No Sharing outside your family at any time.  Bring it from home and take it home.
  • Do not use your Club as a base – the risks and health control responsibility for member use is still too high at this time.
  • Do you fully understand the risks? –  If you are not a Lifeguard or Lifesaver, for general safety guidance click here
  • Remember that you are not insured. At this time there is no SLSGB approved beach activity other than our Beach Warden programme.  This will change as soon as the COVID risk is lower.

We fully understand that everyone wants to get back to the beach as soon as possible. We are not yet at the stage where the COVID- 19 risk is low enough to be other than aware and very careful. 
Whilst on the topic of beach safety, you may have seen this week our call for volunteers to become Club Beach Wardens. Because the pre-qualification for this part time role requires either a Lifeguard or Lifesaver award, some are incorrectly jumping to the conclusion that this is intended to take the jobs of RNLI Lifeguards. Nothing could be further from the truth. We would like to see all our beaches patrolled by RNLI Lifeguards as soon as possible and totally support all efforts to employ as many Lifeguards as possible to make this happen. The Beach Warden role is NOT a rescue service to replace the RNLI. It is a part time volunteer who will have no close contact with the public to only be a Safety Adviser. The reason we are requiring the pre-qualification is that this role relies on local knowledge and experience. 
We only expect to be able to operate Beach Wardens on some beaches and volunteers cannot commit to full time activity. We have a long and valued tradition of supporting our club volunteers who train Lifeguards. This is one of the main purposes of our Charity.  
For more information about the Beach Warden role click here
We are all in this together trying to do our best for safe beaches. Please play your part and please stay safe.