COVID-19 Update 12th May

Following the recent statement from the Prime Minister, this guidance is to help our Clubs and Members based on the current situation against the new measures introduced last Sunday 

WE ARE IN LEVEL 4 – the UK is currently at a point where the virus is not contained and the requirement for social distancing must be observed.  In practical terms this means that there is still an active and current risk of transmission. The safety and health of you and your close families are the major consideration at this time. 

Accordingly our guidance is:-

  1. Continue to apply social distancing practices
  2. For now, do not commence any Club activity – keep the doors shut
  3. Do not organise any group close contact activity
  4. Do not commence patrol activity – more on this below
  5. Take care by your example not to encourage use of the water by those less able to know what is safe
  6. Be patient

We know that as a direct result of allowing more use of open spaces our beaches will become a lot busier.  This will encourage those who are not able to understand the risks to take risks.  There is currently no Beach Lifeguard activity and our view is that the COVID-19 transmission risks make a full lifeguard service too dangerous for the Lifeguards at this time.  This will change. When it is safe, we will provide the guidance for safe operations to re start

We also know that many will interpret the intentions of the Prime Minister to decide for themselves to start open water paddling, swimming and surf activity.  For many of our Lifesavers, the risks of surf and open water activity are well understood. You know how to be safe. However, before reaching for the wet suit and grabbing a board, please consider that if you are seen at sea enjoying what you do well and safely, others less skilled will see this as acceptable and safe for them.  You know what is safe, they may not and right now there is no safety net for them. Our request is to be patient and wait until it is safe for all

On this point, whilst it is not safe to restart patrols at this time, we are working on utilising the skill, knowledge and experience of our lifesavers to provide safety advice to beach users during the period where patrols cannot take place.  Details of this are now at a final stage to be approved by the Coast Guard and the Police and will be announced shortly.

We are all looking forward to the time when we can get back to the beach but for now, our actions and discipline will help to guide the actions of others for all to get there as quickly and safely as possible.

For more information please contact