What have we been up to over the last few weeks?

In the Words of Prince Charles;

“None of us can say when this will end, but end it will.  Until it does let us live with hope and look forward to better times to come”

 Your SLSGB Head Office Team are working hard to support you, not only looking forward but also to help right now to keep everyone ready for more “Lifesaving” when the better times come

Search and Rescue

We are a National Coordinating Authority.  Our declared SAR people, both on the beach and our Flood Rescue Teams, have been identified by COVID-19 Resilience Planners as those who could undertake special volunteer activity as the Pandemic reaches the next stage when the emergency services become impacted by staff shortages.  Much work has been undertaken by us to establish safe working guidance to ensure that when the time comes, our volunteers are fully prepared.  Already, the Police have asked for help on specified beaches to help make the public aware of the need to follow travel and social distancing guidance.  As declared SAR assets, we also have to ensure that they are ready when needed for their core SAR activities.


Pool Championships – We had already rescheduled in Wales for the 7th and 8th of November but unfortunately (unless you are a rugby fan!) on those dates, the WRFU are now holding a Home International Match and a Six Nations Match and accommodation costs have gone off the scale and are not refundable.  This booking has been cancelled

There is no conflict with the Nipper dates on the 24th and 25th October at Wales and this is now confirmed. 

For the Youth Open and Masters, an alternative pool location has been identified for the 31st Oct and 1st November and subject to our Sport Committee discussions and agreement in 10 days time, this will be confirmed.

Surf Championships – It is increasingly unlikely, that we can go ahead with the week-long event at Branksome Chine between the 8th and 12th August.  We will keep this option open for now, but we are also looking in detail at a revised programme for late September for smaller events held at weekends.  This again will be discussed by the Sport Committee and we will let you know.

Education and Awards (available for current, full members)

Nippers – We are working now on online resources for Club Coaches to use which will help Nippers learn the “Knowledge” content of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards based on the SLSGB Nipper Log Book.  Activities will be fun, interactive and provide evidence that the Knowledge criteria has been completed.  Coaches will be able to submit the existing Nipper spreadsheet to mail@slsgb.org.uk to process on the membership record  so that when our beaches are open again, the skill based elements can be completed for the full award.

We feel that this is hugely important for our Club’s continuity so that we don’t miss a whole year age group

Level 2 Coach Awards – All the “Class Room” and a bit more.   A Tutor will be available to lead webinars which will enable the theory content of the award to be completed by distance learning to prepare Coaches for the role of Lead Coach.  Simply register for a course and follow the normal process for enrolment and the HQ team will provide access to the Zoom webinar and Myagi. Those enrolled will be supported by HQ generated real time online tutorials.  This will now complete over 80% of the theory learning content for the Award spread over 4 one hour interactive webinars only leaving the practical element to be completed.

Lifesaver Pathway Awards – Our Myagi online learning zone already contains teaching and learning resources for the theory sections for all the Lifesaver Pathway awards. (Click Here for details)

Club TA’s are already now successfully delivering online distance learning for candidates registered for Lifeguard awards. You can now register courses on MIS in the same way as normal, organise your online learning times and dates, follow up with Myagi tests and prepare your Lifesavers for the practical elements when you are able to return to the beach.

New Lifeguard Manual – This is now at final draft stage. It is a complete start to finish re-think building on what we have been doing for 65 years, taking in now all available learned experience of top lifeguards and incorporating all current appropriate lifesaving best practices.
It will be available in electronic format

Following a review by our Lifesaving Committee, our aim is to launch the new manual in two stages:-

Stage One – The manual will only be available to our TA’s for a short period of consultation with online forums to discuss if we should adapt the learning and assessment criteria. 

Stage Two – The manual will be available to all our members with a current and valid Lifesaving award in early November.

Until we can update TA’s with the new manual content and agree any revisions to the award learning and assessment guidelines, the new manual will be a reference only resource.  The new manual will not make any existing awards redundant and all current award holders will remain valid to their award expiry date.  The changeover process will be gradual and will not affect those who have re-qualified or any new award holders using the current system.  THERE IS NO NEED TO HOLD BACK ON TRAINING THE EXISTING AWARDS

Safeguarding Training and Updates   A new update and information online programme is ready to release.  This, again, will use the Myagi platform.  The purpose is to update all our Club Safeguarding Officers and also to inform all Club Officers about the essential process that should be followed and to remind us all that Safeguarding is a legal responsibility for all who are in contact with Young People and Vulnerable Adults. It is also a very user-friendly way to involve more volunteers to become involved in an essential club activity support role.

Get Back to us
If you would like to discuss any of this or need help, mail us on mail@slsgb.org.uk and we will get back to you