Get Ready to be Back on the Beach! – All our events have been rescheduled for later in the year…

At their meeting last Thursday, the Sport Committee decided to adopt a plan to hold all the 2020 Pool and Beach events as late as possible this year to provide the best chance of a “Go Ahead” as, when and if the COVID-19 restrictions ease sufficiently and conditions are safe for the events to run.

Representatives from Cornwall, Devon, Wessex, the North and East agreed that in making this decision now they were removing uncertainty surrounding events unlikely to happen and creating an opportunity for events still to be held.  They were mindful that entries may be lower for the new schedule and also that cost could be a big factor in decisions to attend.
It was regrettably agreed that the events planned at Branksome Chine for early August were too soon and unlikely to go ahead. To provide clarity for those who had already booked accommodation and to help the organiser avoid unnecessary expenditure, cancellation of all these events is now confirmed. The Committee also agreed that there will be no Regional events in 2020.
The attached calendar shows dates and locations for the revised 2020 events schedule.   
All locations have agreed to hold the events, all relevant permissions have been obtained and the Pool reservations are also confirmed. (It was only possible to hold the existing already revised booking for the Nippers at Cardiff as other possible dates are impacted by Rugby events with accommodation costs off the scale). The new schedule has been organised around weekend dates only, some can be single day attendance reducing costs. All the beach events are planned to be run at locations close to the most members likely to attend, where event support and know how already exists and reasonably priced accommodation is readily available. The pool events now scheduled to take place at the Crawley K2 were only possible thanks to Crawley Town LSC agreeing for us to use the booking they had already made for their Open Meeting. This arrangement also gives us the opportunity to run our SERC even.
The Committee agreed that it is important at this time to make every attempt to provide our members with something to look forward to as and when we come out of lock down and opportunities to enjoy our sport return. As we get nearer to the events the Committee will provide appropriate guidance for both competition competencies and event winners status. The aim will be to enable participation.
At this time, final confirmation for each event can only be confirmed as matters with COVID-19 unfold and there is clarity on the development of Government Policies. It may be that earlier dates are not possible. This is why there are two options for the Open Masters at Perranporth. The Committee will undertake regular reviews and will update you about developments. The next review will be on the 12th May.
Lets all hope for better times to come. Our thoughts are with all those suffering at this time and a huge thank you to all supporting those in need.