Nipper National Pool Championships Entries Are Now Open

Entry is now open for the Nipper National Pool Championships, Team manager are to log on to to register. Please refer to Quick Guide for help.

Entries close on the 16th March.

Clarification of Nipper Boards to be used:

Clubs are able to use which boards they prefer at the Championships 1.6 or 2m. As boards will not be pooled clubs are required to bring sufficient to cover their heats.

The decision to introduces the larger 2m Nipper Board was brought in due to the increasing use of these boards within our clubs.

  • Consistency between pool and beach, most of the club (if not all) do not use the 1.6m boards for beach events and they prefer the 2m boards.
  • New clubs are having to buy 1.6m boards to use at the Pool Championships and store all year where the 2m boards can now be used for both.
  • This is only for national events as the lanes are larger in the 50m pool and the boards just do a 50m straight race. Most Regional event will still use the 1.6m boards.
  • Some of the larger Nipper are too big for the 1.6m boards and find they sink under the weight and when doing board rescue this can be difficult.

Reminder of the Nipper Board Spec:

1.6m Nipper Board Specification                                                                               

  • Length: 165 cms
  • Width: 52 cms
  • Material: Polyethylene covered soft foam construction

2m Nipper Board Specification

  • Maximum length – 2.0m
  • Minimum nose radii – nose and tail in plan view (see below) ~ 25mm
  • Minimum radii –leading edge nose and trailing edge tail in elevation view (see below) ~ 3mm
  • Minimum structural weight – not specified.
  • Minimum width – not specified.
  • Only one fin is permitted. Fin must have minimum profile radius of 25mm at any point, and minimum leading edge radius of 3mm and minimum trailing edge radius of 1.5mm. The fin is to be of flexible rubber/plastic material or moulded foam.

NOTE: Leading edge extends from underside of the board to the lowest point of the fin.


  • The board must be constructed of foam with solid core construction. No solid reinforcing stringers (e.g. fibreglass, wood, etc) are permitted. No hard plastic/fibreglass type coverings over the foam is permitted (i.e. the surface of the craft must be flexible).
  • N.B: Plastic/rubber handles and plug attachments are permitted.
  • Boards constructed of polyethylene or similar flexible material may incorporate internal stringers to provide rigidity. Such stringers must be adequately covered and approved by the SLSGB Sports Commission.
  • Surfboards must contain a minimum floatation in the form of foam or other approved material to provide buoyancy of 20kg mass.
  • Note: (i) Isolite foam provides buoyancy of 10kg for each 0.01 cubic metre.

Download the 2020 Nipper Pool Championships Information Booklet Here