GBR Lifesaving is pleased to introduce the 2019 GBR Lifesaving Squad

David MillarWoolacombe SLSCLouis SpaldingSidmouth SLSC
Steven LewisPortreath SLSCEddie PearceNewquay SLSC
Euan DungavelGyllyngvase SLSCLouis GarnerPortreath SLSC
Marcus OrHayle SLSCBob WhittakerWoolacombe SLSC
Harry HalseyWoolacombe SLSCBen NortonGyllyngvase SLSC
James CarpenterPortreath SLSCThomas TrebilcockGyllyngvase SLSC
Ashley LewisPen y Bont SLSCJoshua GammonWoolacombe SLSC
Lewis RosewellPortreath SLSCJack FieldBeacon Lifeguard Club
Chris ParryAberavon SLSCSam NortonGyllyngvase SLSC
Jacob FridayHayle SLSCFlynn RyanBelfast Olympia
James BlabyLoughborough Lifesaving Alex JacksonCrawley Town Lifesaving
Samuel LawmanCrawley TownDaniel WaterfallRascals Lifesaving
Andrew MorleyLoughborough Lifesaving Dylan WisdenPen y Bont SLSC
Richard JaggerCrawley Town LifesavingFinn DungavelGyllyngvase SLSC
Odhran MallonCrawley Town LifesavingLoan EvansPen y Bont SLSC
Samuel KirklandLoughborough Lifesaving   


Jasmine MannPen y Bont SLSCRhiannah McCourtBlyth Lifesaving
Mesha WardmanPortreath SLSCAmy WestonSouth Worcester Lifeguard Club
Emily CorinHayle SLSCEmily FieldRascals Lifesaving
Rebecca MatthewsLeeds PhoenixLauren GordonBlyth Lifesaving 
Elizabeth ScammellLoughborough LifesavingEmilie EzardPen y Bont SLSC
Sinead Gourley Belfast RoyalHannah DavidsonSker & Pink SLSC
Zara WilliamsCrawley Town LifesavingRosie BoultonGyllyngvase SLSC
Marina MacartneyCrawley Town LifesavingSkye PirieWoolacombe SLSC
Emma Henderson Ellie McCloyRest Bay SLSC
  Chantelle ButtlePortreath SLSC
  Millie ReesMumbles SLSC
  Millie WigginsPen y Bont SLSC
  Mia RuleGyllyngvase SLSC
  Meriel ClodePen y Bont SLSC
  Yzella BarkerHolywell SLSC
  Meg McCloyRest Bay SLSC
  Amelie ClodePen y Bont SLSC
  Evie WongRhoose SLSC


The 2019 GBR Lifesaving Squad has been selected from:

  • those who have displayed consistently high performance
  • results from the 2018 season,
  • recent still water events and ocean tests. 

The aim of the squad is to assemble the best British Lifesaving athletes who will be monitored for progress against agreed targets, can support each other through training and from which the representative GBR teams will be chosen to compete at the 2019 European Lifesaving Championships in Italy.

  • All Open and Youth Athletes will have declared they are willing and available to compete in Italy or they will not be eligible for the Squad
  • All Open and Youth Athletes must be a British Citizen / hold a British Passport and be in good standing with RLSS UK/SLSGB/SLSA Wales
  • Athletes must be an individual full member of SLSGB or RLSS UK, or in the case of SLSA Wales athletes, eligible by means of the Competition Rights Agreement between SLSGB and SLSA Wales.


Selection Process

The GBR teams for 2019 European Lifesaving Championships in Italy will be selected from the 2019 GBR Lifesaving squad based upon recommendations made by Selectors appointed by the One Team Steering Group. 

The One Team Steering Group consists of nominated representatives from SLSGB, RLSS UK and SLSA Wales.  The Selectors recommendations have been reviewed and ratified by the One Team Steering Group.    

The athletes ratified will be contacted individually by the One Team Administration and will be sent a copy of the GBR Lifesaving Team budget showing the costs to compete at the 2019 European Lifesaving Championships and the athlete contribution to those costs and also an Athlete Agreement. When the signed Athlete Agreements have been received by the One Team Administration for all the athletes, selection will be confirmed and GBR Teams will be announced by the One Team Steering group. 

It is important that athletes contacted and sent an agreement do not make any personal announcements in any form until the Team Announcement has been made

Selection decisions has been based on an athlete’s commitment, attitude, ability, potential and evidenced by results

Both the Youth and the Open GBR Teams will be selected in July to allow time for athletes to raise funds and to train together.

Appeals will only be considered if the declared selection process has not been followed. Any appeal on the grounds of selectors opinion, judgement or decisions will be not be accepted.

To comply with Data Protection, it is essential that all Athletes in the squad (In the case of those under 18 – a Parent/Guardian) provide their contact details to be used for their communications with the One Team Administration  and in doing so, agree that their personal data may be used by the One Team Administration for the purposes of selection only.  


The athlete contract contains a GDPR clause to permit the One Team Administration and the 2019 Lifesaving European Championships to use the athlete’s data for the purpose of processing the athlete’s entry and the management of the event.

The One Team admin is being managed by SLSGB.  Click here to see the SLSGB Privacy Policy