Parking at SLSGB HQ

From the 1st of June 2019 there will be strict parking regulation enforced at Park 5 Business Centre where SLSGB HQ is based and we will only have access to extremely limited parking availability. There will be limited parking on the gravel area of the car park (circled in the map below), but this is not guaranteed and not owned by the landlords, so you will be parking at your own risk.

If you park at Park 5 Business Centre in any of the following places –

  • By the entrance and grit bin
  • On any bends and corners on the Estate
  • In front of the bin store and adjoining electric sub-station
  • In other tenant’s spaces
  • In front of or behind your colleague’s (or other tenant’s) spaces – double parking / banking
  • On the raised areas in front of all the buildings

Then you could be liable for a £100 fine (reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days). This will be dealt with by an external enforcement agency called The UK Parking Patrol Office Ltd. SLSGB will not be held liable for any charges an individual occurs.

Therefore, it is advised that if you are planning on visiting SLSGB HQ that you use the alternative parking facilities available close to the office. There is a pay and display car park (B on the map below) available a 2-minute walk from the office which cost £2.60 for a full day. The entrance is located on the Sidmouth Road which is clearly sign posted to the PARK AND RIDE, you could also use places available in the park and ride its self (A on the below map), but this is at your own risk as they sometimes ask you to produce a bus ticket and you may be issued a £50 fine. If using a Sat Nav, enter Sowton Park and Ride Exeter and you will be directed to where parking is available.

If traveling to the office from an area you know others will also be traveling from, where possible, please use a car share as an option. As well as reducing the impact on available parking this will also reduce fuel costs and parking fees, help to improve air quality and lower carbon emissions due to reduced traffic fumes, an increased chance of finding a parking space, because fewer cars means less competition for spaces, and best of all journeys are more pleasant when you have company.

If you have any questions, please contact

Circled gravel area not owned by Park 5 Landlords
A – Park and Ride
B – Pay and Display

You can follow the red route through a gate which leads directly in to Park 5 Business Centre to SLSGB HQ (which is marked with the SLSGB logo) located within Buckland House.