England Selection

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Saturday 13 July at Polzeath (LW 09:45 HW 15:47)

Proposed selection programme and estimated timings, subject to change and confirmation from the water event manager.

Registration: 09:15 to 09:30
Briefing: 09:40
Flags: 10:00
Sprints: 10:30
Surf Race: 11:00
Board Race: 11:30
Ski Race: 12:00
Iron: 12:30
Ski Race: 13:30
Board Race: 14:00
Surf Race: 14:30
Sprints: 15:00
Flags: 15:30
Finish: 16:00

Youth and Open eligible athletes will race together.

Selection Criteria:

 The England team(s) will be selected from those athletes that declare themselves available for selection.

This declaration will be taken that an athlete will be available to race, if selected, in the England v Wales event on Saturday 10 August at Perranporth, unless the England Team Management is otherwise notified.         

Attendance at the selection day is preferred, but if an athlete is unable to attend and still wishes to be considered for selection, then a valid and acceptable reason must be presented to the England Team Management 5 days ahead of the selection day for consideration if the reason is valid.

Selection will be based primarily upon results from the selection day, but also results from the SLSGB Surf National Championships (youth, open and masters) will be considered. However, in the cases of close selection decisions, preference will be given to an athlete that attended the selection day.

First selection will be made from eligible athletes, based upon the selection criteria to the England Open team. Then selection will be made from the remaining eligible athletes to the England Youth team.

An athlete’s selection will be based to maximise the overall teams’ ability to meet the requirements of the event structure, as set out below.

However, every athlete is encouraged to participate in a minimum of 2 disciplines to maximise their chances of selection and we would recommend a water-based event would be advisable, based upon the event structure that we are selecting for.


Selection For: 

England v Wales, Saturday 10 August       –              Location: Perranporth, Cornwall

England Teams:

 Team sizes will be:        –              6 Female / 6 Male

 England Youth Team      –              age 15 to 18 (born in 2004/03/02/01)

 England Open Team      –              ages 16+ (born in 2003 and earlier)


Event Structure:

Individual Events:

  • Swim
  • Board
  • Ski
  • Iron
  • Sprints
  • Flags

Each team has 2 competitors per discipline, with each competitor competing in 2 disciplines only

Single Gender Team events:

  • 3 person sprint relay
  • 3 person taplin relay (order drawn on the day)

One team only with each team member only competing in one of the above 2 relays.

Mixed Gender Team events:

  • Mixed (2 male, 2 female) Ocean Lifesaver Relay as per ILS rules (Swim, Board, Ski, Run order). Draw for which gender does which leg will be made on the day.
  • 3 teams permitted per team

Host team additional event:

  • 3 person board relay, we will either run as a conventional gender event but we reserve the right to mix it up, but it will depend on the conditions on the day. 

If any further information is required, please do not hesitate to contact the Matthew Trebilcock at matttrebilcock@aol.com or 07801 580106

Best of luck and I look forward to seeing you on the beach in Polzeath.


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