SLSGB Flood Units training in one of the hardest training venues in the U.K this weekend

Members of South Worcester , Devon , Cornwall , Lancashire and Wessex flood units are up in north wales this weekend extending the their training skills for flood and surf boat practice. The team will be pushed to the limits in one of the hardest training venues in the U.K. so that they are prepared for the worst and have knowledge on how the boat and crews can act to save lives. The day will consist of flood and surf training putting the cross over skills to good practice.

“The reason why we go to this location is to improve our abilities in Boat handling and also our casualty care; the later skill is often over looked, but both parts need to be addressed so and casualty is safe and has the best attention to them as  possible. It really is great to see our volunteers wanting to improve and push their limits “ – Adrian Mayhew, National Safety and Operations Manager