SLSGB National Nipper Pool Championships 2018


Woolacombe SLSC have retained their title as National Nipper Champions coming out on top. The event was well attended in all age groups with 28 clubs attending and 785 competitors.

Day One:
The first day was for the younger competitors (8 – 10 year olds) and for some this was the first time in a 50m pool, but this did not put them off and some SLSGB British records were broken. The day consisted of 28 events for each age group and a total of 199 heats with a total of 373 athletes.

  • 50m Flipper Race
  • 50m Manikin Carry
  • 4X50m Medley Rely
  • 50m Board Race
  • 50m Board Rescue
  • Board Relay (4 X 25m)

New SLSGB British individual records were broken by:

  Event  Name Club  Time 
  9 year old Girls Board Race  Poppy Szymankiewicz Woolacombe SLSC  00:30.70 
  10 year old Boys Board Race  Zaiph Abram-BridgesWoolacombe SLSC00:29.11 


New SLSGB British Team records were broken by:

  Event  Club  Time 
  8yrs Girls Board Rescue  St Ives SLSC  00:43.05 
  9yrs Girls Board Rescue  Holywell Bay SLSC00:36.19 
  9yrs Boys Board Rescue  Saunton Sands SLSC  00:37.33 
  10yrs Girls Board Rescue  Holywell Bay SLSC00:34.79 


This year the new Junior Manikin was introduces to the Nipper event. The Junior Manikin is smaller than the normal ILS Manikin which has been used in the past and are designed for the younger age groups as they help in the development of tow technique as they are more manageable.

New records were set –

8yrs Girls Junior ManikinTassy WardSt Agnes SLSC01:04.00
8yrs Boys Junior ManikinSam WylieGyllyngvase SLSC00:58.98
9yrs Girls Junior ManikinLibbie GeachLangdon Bay SLSC00:47.89
9yrs Boys Junior ManikinTed ChesworthSaunton Sands SLSC      00:52.07
10yrs Girls Junior ManikinHatti DucrosPolzeath SLSC00:45.77
10yrs Boys Junior ManikinWilliam WatkinsPen-Y-Bont SLSC00:46.27
11yrs Girls Junior ManikinConnie MillarRhoose SLSC00:45.03
11yrs Boys Junior ManikinLewis MorganSker & Pink Bay SLSC00:48.30
12yrs Girls Junior ManikinCarys Griffiths-ColeSker & Pink Bay SLSC00:44.61
12yrs Boys Junior ManikinTrisytn JamesRest Bay SLSC00:41.61
13yrs Girls Junior ManikinAnya HockingGyllyngvase SLSC00:42.04
13yrs Boys Junior ManikinRyan OpenshawBranksome Chime SLSC00:43.13

After a full day of competition, the top 5 team were:

1.Woolacombe539.5 points
2.St Ives425.5 points
3.Polzeath404 points
4.Saunton Sands348.5 points
5.Gyllyngvase317 Points


Day Two:
The second day of competition saw the older Nippers (11 – 13 year old) take to the water, there was both a larger number of athletes as well as a larger programme. The day had 36 events for each age group and a total of 200 heats with a total of 412 athletes.

  • 50m Flipper Race
  • 50m Manikin Carry
  • Manikin Relay (4 X 25m)
  • 100m Rescue Tube with Fins
  • 4X50m Medley Rely
  • 50m Board Race
  • 50m Board Rescue
  • Board Relay (4 X 25m)

Throughout the second day the leader’s board was constantly changing and the competition had an electric atmosphere with spectators on the edge of their seats with some very close racing.

New SLSGB British individual records were broken by:

  Event  Name Club  Time 
  11yrs Boys Flipper Race  Connie Millar Rhoose SLSC  00:27.20 
  12yrs Boys Flipper Race  Trisytn JamesRest Bay SLSC00:24.66 
  13yrs Girls Board Race  Marisa Poole Saunton Sands SLSC  00:28.34 
  11yrs Boys Board Race  Reen Bowden-InoueWatergate Bay SLSC00:27.97 


New SLSGB British Team records were broken by:

11yrs Girls Rescue TubeRhoose SLSC01:13.27
12yrs Girls Rescue TubeRest Bay SLSC01:09.52
13yrs Girls Rescue TubeBranksome Chime SLSC01:08.14
12yrs Boys Rescue TubeRest Bay SLSC01:07.09
13yrs Boys Rescue TubeBranksome Chime SLSC01:07.62
11-13 Girls Medley RelayGyllyngvase SLSC02:14.74
11-13 Boys Medley RelayGyllyngvase SLSC02:10.83
11yrs Girls Bboard RescueHolywell Bay SLSC00:33.65
13yrs Girls Bboard RescueGyllyngvase SLSC00:30.86
12yrs Boys Board RescueRest Bay SLSC00:31.09
13yrs Boys Board RescueGyllyngvase SLSC00:31.20

The end of the second days competition showed a different set for results

  1. Gyllyngvase – 50 points
  2. Rest Bay – 707 points
  3. Woolacombe – 50 points
  4. Branksome Chine – 599 points
  5. Saunton Sands – 595 points

With both days points added together the final overall rankings were:

1Woolacombe Surf Life Saving Club1,220
2Gyllyngvase Surf Life Saving Club1,035.50
3St. Ives Surf Life Saving Club966.5
4Rest Bay Lifeguard Club945
5Saunton Sands Surf Life Saving Club943.5
6Sker & Pink Bay Surf Life Saving Club784.5
7Branksome Chine Surf Life Saving Club698
8Polzeath Surf Life Saving Club678.5
9Portreath Surf Life Saving Club399.5
10Holywell Bay Surf Life Saving Club369
11Croyde Surf Life Saving Club347
12Rhoose Lifeguard Club338
13Llantwit Major Surf Life Saving Club297.5
14Perranporth Surf Life Saving Club235
15Langland Bay Lifeguard Club233.5
16Pen-Y-Bont Surf Life Saving Club177
17St Agnes Surf Life Saving Club164.5
18Hayle Surf Life Saving Club109
19Watergate Bay Surf Life Saving Club99
20Bideford Bay Surf Life Saving Club94
21Blyth Lifeguard and Swimming Club90
22Crantock Surf Life Saving Club56
23Whitmore Bay Surf Life Saving Club28.5
24Lusty Surf Life Saving Club22
25Bude Surf Life Saving Club10
26Brighton Surf Life Saving Club8
27Teignmouth Surf Life Saving Club5
28Heanor Swimming and Lifeguard Club 


SLSGB would like to thank all the Referee’s and Officials who gave their time to make the event a success and to all the club Team Managers, helper and parents who brought all the teams together to create such a great event.

The last thanks’ must go out to all the Nippers that took part in the event and showed great team spirit and true Sportsmanship throughout the event and you all were a credit to your Clubs and to SLSGB/SLSA Wales.

You can download the full results here