Resuscitation Guidance – Increasing Training Demands and a Solution

The Challenge – Over the last 12 months, with your help, we have progressively raised the bar for all those holding an SLSGB award that includes resuscitation with the introduction of “hands on” capability demonstration.  This has been against a UK wide background supported by all first responders and the emergency services to have more regular and rigorous tests of resuscitation technique.  The worry is that tests repeated after just a few months are showing significant failures in technique and the need for regular and continuous practice. The key to success is access to manikins with real time feed back.
The great news is that Laerdal, one of the main providers of resuscitation training equipment, has announced a new product  “Little Anne QCPR” together with an upgrade to existing older Little Anne Manikins. Both provide instantaneous digital feed back to a visible display to monitor learner’s real time performance for compression depth, the correct rate and over ventilating.
The Little Anne QCPR for SLSGB Clubs is £183.06 Inc. VAT (plus carriage)
The Little Anne Upgrade kit is £70.20 Inc. VAT (plus carriage)
There are two free apps available for the Little Anne QCPR.
Instructor App

  • This only works with Apple iPhone and iPad
  • It can connect to up to 6 manikins in one go
  • Presents real-time and post-event CPR performance
  • Provides post-event improvement suggestion

Learner App

  • Available on iOS or Android
  • Connects to only one manikin
  • Presents real-time and post-event CPR performance
  • Provides post-event improvement suggestion

If you don’t have a smart phone/tablet you can purchase a SkillGuide from Laerdal for £50.40 Inc. VAT which will support either app.
Please use below link for more information
The new smart manikin is not expensive and provides a fantastic opportunity to make sure that regular training for those who are expected to save a life is now possible and affordable.  The products can be ordered now..
No special training is required to set up and use. Laerdal will provide any assistance required through their help desk:-
01689 876634   or


What You Need To Do Now

The current practice for Resus CPD by an annual test is clearly no longer sufficient.  Accordingly, SLSGB Clinical Advisory Group supported by our Lifesaving Committee have now advised:-
SLSGB Clubs are advised to acquire the new manikin (or the upgrade, or equivalent equipment) so Clubs will be able to deliver resuscitation training and CPD “in club” to all their members.
Training for all those holding an SLSGB award that incudes resuscitation should be regularly tested using a Little Anne QCPR (or similar equipment). 
It is recommended that CPD training should be undertaken every 3 months.  
The pass test achievement required is 75%
TA’s will be required to keep their own CPD records of training in line with the above recommendations.


We know that this is yet another requirement for volunteers to do more but please remember, when assistance is needed to save a life the Lifesaver has only one chance to get it right – the casualty only has only that one chance to live. Resus Training and CPD will now be in club so no need going forward for TA’s to attend resus updates or workshops.
Every Club should be able to afford to purchase one Little Anne QCPR  – many will be able to upgrade an existing Little Anne.  
FREE LOAN – For each club purchasing a Little Anne QCPR or upgrading a Little Anne, SLSGB will match this with a free loan Little Anne QCPR unit

Note:  This offer is only available if purchasing the Laerdal unit



  1. Place your order direct with Laerdal
  2. When you order your Little Anne QCPR please use the order codes below.  
    (The codes provide access to the special prices agreed)
    Little Anne QCPR product      123-01050  – order code SLSGBLA 
    Little Anne QCPR Upgrade Kit 123-60750  – order code SLSGBUGK 
  3. Pay Laerdal for your order. Laerdal will then despatch your unit direct to you.
  4. Upon confirmation of your purchase please send confirmation to SLSGB. SLSGB will then arrange send a loan agreement for the SLSGB loan Little Anne QCPR. The SLSGB loan unit agreement will be direct between your Club and SLSGB.
  5. Return a copy of the signed loan agreement to SLSGB and upon receipt we will organise the despatch of your loan unit to you.For questions or further information email –