Surf Life Saving Great Britain on BBC Radio Devon

Surf Life Saving GB was interviewed on Tuesday morning by BBC Radio Devon Breakfast Time to talk about our £10,000 Big Lottery grant to help fund the development of Life Guard patrolling in the South West.

Tim Coventry spoke about our work as a national charity and the importance of keeping the beaches and people on them safe at all times. With now over 7,000 members SLSGB is expanding our search and rescue activities and this has been recognised with a maximum award.

We have always trained lifeguards but over recent years not been very active in deploying patrols. The grant is all about returning to volunteer patrols on beaches for the times when the RNLI do not provide cover and to patrol beaches not currently protected. With the help and support of the RNLI and the Coast Guard, new SLSGB volunteer patrols will start at Easter on selected beaches starting in Cornwall. For this, we need Patrol Captains trained to the same professional level as the RNLI Life Guard Managers. We already have a lot of good people trained as Lifeguards but we don’t have the Patrol Captains needed to organise, lead and manage the patrols. The award will help to meet the cost of the training and equipment needed

Surf Life Saving GB do a lot of other Search and Rescue Activities, For the last 2 years we have been training and deploying flood rescue teams and have now started work with Terrestrial Search and Rescue. Just last weekend SLSGB Flood Rescue teams were on standby for the East Coast tidal surge incidents and last year our teams were deployed to York and Cumbria and completed over 250 rescues.

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