Come On Wales!!

We would like to wish the following athletes the very best of luck for tomorrow as they represent Wales against England tomorrow.

Swim strong, paddle hard, run fast and enjoy!!

Wales Female Open Team

Wales Male Open Team

Kelsey Peterson

Sam Moore

Karen O’D Harris

Lloyd Rosewell

Mali James

Lewis Rosewell

Georgia Hodges Carys Thomas

Chris Parry

Lindsay Lewis

Tomi Turner

Bethan Phillips

Alex Parry

Katie Jones

Jack Giddings


Wales Female Youth Team

Wales Male Youth Team

Grace Morgan

Ioan Evans

Abigail Carson

Dafydd Nichols

Ellie Peterson

Cas Pelders

Millie Wiggins

Jason Grice

Ellie McCloy

Rhys Wydenbach

Meriel Clode

Shaun Neele

Brooke Pererson

Declan Ewington

Mali Howell

Nathan Willis

Good Luck!!