GBR Lifesaving team – Management roles

Building on the success of our One Team (Youth & Senior) in 2015, the One Team Steering Group (OTSG) is pleased to share our intent and direction for the GBR One Team in the coming years, namely to;

  • Better develop our athletes (working more closely with our clubs)
  • Better support our club coaches
  • Raise the profile of our sport.

As such we are committed to the following:

1.     A 3-year plan (2016-2018) – taking us to this years’ World Championships in Netherlands, into next years’ European Championships in Belgium, developing and building towards the World Championships in Adelaide, Australia in 2018.

2.     A GBR squad (in place post Rescue16) which trains together, developing and supporting more athletes, and from which the competing teams for Europeans in 2017 and Rescue18 will be selected

3.     Provide development pathways for athletes, that recognise and harness the vital role and support that regions, clubs and parents play in training year-round

4.     Support our management and coaching team with training, safeguarding, and coaching development programmes

5.     Create a stronger brand for the GBR One Team that attracts greater support and sponsorship from outside our community

6.     Raise the profile of lifesaving sport.

Our direction is to enable the GBR One Team to place in the top 10 in the world both in the pool and on the beach supported by a pool of qualified coaches.

In 2016 the OTSG is seeking to engage a management team with the skills and experience that will enable the athletes in One Team to shine, and a management team (where possible) that could work with the One team squad through to the 2018 Worlds. We are currently seeking to appoint the Team GBR manager and assistant manager(s) roles, with ocean and pool specialists appointed shortly once the managers are in place.

The management team roles are key appointments and are essential towards ensuring the best support for our athletes. The management team will be supported by the OTSG and administrative support from SLSGB. The management team selection will be based on the skills and attributes needed to support our athletes and prepare the Teams for International competition. The success of the team in competition is very important, however this is balanced with the welfare and safety of those selected for the team(s), therefore the smooth running of the team is of equal importance.

The closing date for applications is 5pm on 19th May 2016. If you are interested, please find the job description for the management team positions below.

Please send a covering letter and CV, summarising your experience, skills, qualifications and ability/availability to work with the team through to the 2018 Worlds, either all events or part of it.

The selection panel will consider all applications and may shortlist candidates for interview if required depending on the applications received. Interviews will be by skype or phone or face to face the week of the 23rd May with appointment made by 27th May. Candidates must declare any conflicts of interest (family, personal or club), which might be seen as relevant in any selection process, must be a member in good standing of either organisation and must hold recognised qualifications for the role they are applying for.

Applications should be made in writing to:

GBR Team Manager / Assistant Manager (s) Job Role