What Is A Coach?

Our new Coaching system follows the UKCC format to train Coaches to be able to plan, manage and deliver coaching within a framework that will ensure that sessions are safe and fit for purpose. This is not about athlete performance skill development (Performance Coaches) – It is about a safe, well managed and progressive learning activity (Sport/ Education Coaches).

What do we mean by safe and fit for purpose?
That there will be an established procedure for all Club activities within which sessions are properly and fully planned to ensure that those involved are never endangered either physically or socially, that there are no threats to young people, that the session is structured to be inclusive and achieve set goals for all those involved. Most important of all, that training is under the supervision of a person properly qualified to undertake that responsibility.

Our Focus
Is to train for all our Clubs Level 1 and Level 2 Coaches so that all club activity is planned and managed by properly qualified coaches.

What is a Level 1 Coach?
The Level 1 Coach can plan, deliver and review short coaching sessions.  Level 1 Coaches are qualified to assist delivering aspects of Surf Life Saving sessions, are not trained to coach a specific Surf Lifesaving discipline and can work with Surf Lifesavers from any of the competitive or non-competitive disciplines.

Adrian 'Horace' Parsons teaching first aid to 2 childrenWhat can they do?
A level 1 Coach can be qualified at age 16 to help out during activities at your Surf Life Saving Club or assist the Coaches at your club.  It is the minimum qualification and normally must be under direct supervision of a Level 2 Coach.   SLSGB would also advise a basic first aid awareness and knowledge of safeguarding children.

What is a Level 2 Coach?
They are able to plan, deliver and review all activity sessions safely and effectively. Like the Level 1, this is a non-discipline-specific role that is relevant to coaches who want to coach any Surf Lifesaving discipline.

What can they do?
The Level 2 Coach can work without supervision and is able to offer guidance and support to the Level 1 Coach.

IMG_7155Why are they important?
Level 2 Coaches are the most important person at a Surf Lifesaving training session. They are responsible for the overall running of the session, the risk assessment process and the safety of all participants and will ensure that sessions have measured goals and outcomes.  It is not just about safety but also to provide a fun and progressive learning experience to encourage more to participate.

How do I get involved?
Many already delivering or supervising activities at Clubs will have sufficient prior learning and experience to enrol on a Level 1 or 2 Coaching course that can be delivered in either 8 guided learning hours (Level 1) or 16 guided learning hours (Level 2) at your club.

If you feel you have extensive Coaching experience then we are also looking to develop Coach Trainers with Coach Development courses being run throughout the regions over this year. If you would like to know more and want to become a Coach Trainer you can view the role description here. Please contact Lauren Turner on lturner@slsgb.org.uk with any expressions of interest.