Firstly a big thank you to those Educators that have already submitted your CPD. As you have been told, we have started a new way for your Educator Awards to be assessed and renewed by using the more modern system of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Most of this can be undertaken by a simple on line review process. The CPD process will replace the National Update and will start immediately.

For Educators directly involved in the delivery of resuscitation training our Clinical Advisory Committee have determined that in all cases competency must now be directly evidenced by a hands on chest demonstration. This will be available by attending a training event held at Clubs or at our Office in Exeter. (Dates and locations to be determined)

We cannot identify training needs or help you, if we do not know what our Educators CPD looks like. Therefore in order to enable us to identify how to best to meet the needs of all those involved and prioritise those with an award having a short time to renewal, could you please complete the CPD Return for assessment without delay. The task is huge – There are a total of over 370 Educators who will require assessment of which 174 are Trainer Assessors.

Below is the CPD form for you to complete and return together with guidance on the process. If you are uncertain about how to proceed or need to know when your award expires please contact as immediately at

We know that any change can be inconvenient but if you can help us now to get your review underway then your renewal can be managed quickly. Once up and running, one of the huge benefits of the CPD process is that you will have a lasting record of your education delivery activity and we will be able to work with you to help develop your needs.

(and in that time we have to arrange your update) 

CPD Log Form 2016

CPD Self-Declaration Form 2016