Hurricane Joaquin Standby!

Members of the Wessex Flood Rescue Unit and South Worcester Lifesaving Club Flood Rescue Unit were on standby over the weekend of 3rd/4th October to form part of a SLS GB Flood Response Team to go to North Carolina in the USA, to assist our colleagues from the Charlotte Fire Department. The teams were offered to assist from the UK. Although there is disappointment in that the team haven’t deployed which is what they are trained to do, there is very great relief that our colleagues in Charlotte, North Carolina have not been hit by Hurricane Joaquin, a potentially devastating Category 4 strength, as originally anticipated. Charlotte Fire Department firefighters have headed to South Carolina to help with the major flood response and even into last night rescues were being carried out (5 October). They’re members of the North Carolina Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team (with whom some of our team members have trained), sent to assist their neighbours in the consequent floods. Our thoughts are with all those affected by the flooding.