German Cup Pool Lifesaving Event

SLSGB is selecting a five male / five female team to compete at the German Cup pool lifesaving event from 19-22 November 2015

in Warendorf, Germany and is a two-day event comprising the following events:


  • 200m  Obstacle swim
  • 4 x 50m Obstacle relay
  • 50m Manikin carry
  • 100m Manikin tow with fins
  • 4x25m Manikin relay
  • Line throw
  • 100m Manikin carry with fins
  • 100m Rescue Medley
  • 4x50m Medley Relay
  • 200m Super lifesaver


  1. This will be a self funded trip (approx cost 250.00)


  1. The SLSGB Team for the German Cup will be selected on the basis of the best athletes available.


  1. The SLSGB Team for the German Cup will be selected based on an individual athlete’s potential to contribute the highest number of points in both individual and team events.


  1. Athletes with medal potential at individual events will take preference over athletes who may score a similar points total across a range of events, unless the end result weakens the balance of the Team.


  1. Athletes will be asked to declare their availability for selection in writing before 5pm on Friday 25th Athletes will be asked to declare all recent performances at recognised events as well as any other evidence/information supporting current form and fitness i.e. other relevant competitions.


  1. All applications should be forwarded to Scott Wood


  1. The team will be announced on the SLSGB website after 5pm on Friday 2ndt The team will be coached by Amy Wilkinson.


  1. There is no appeal process for the final team selection.