GBR Lifesaving seeks Specialist support

GBR Lifesaving is seeking applications of interest from skilled and experienced specialists in the following areas:
• Ocean coaches including surf swim, ski and board
• Beach coaches including flags and sprint racing
• Pool coaches including manikin, line throw, SERC and sprint
• Strength training
• Physiotherapists and sports massage
• Nutrition and well-­being
Our plan is to create a group of experienced, knowledgeable people who can provide specialist coaching, competition experience, health & well-­being support to the GBR squad 2017-­2018, leading us up to Rescue 2018 and beyond. A team will be selected from the specialists to travel to

International events including:
• European Championships 2017, Ostend & Bruge, Belgium
• World Championships Rescue2018, Adelaide, Australia

We recognise that many of the voluntary specialists within lifesaving have busy professional and personal lives and may not be able to commit to all our Squad training or commit to travel internationally. However, we do welcome applications from all sectors and invite applicants to confirm their availability on the application Furthermore, we are keen to develop younger coaches and specialists who have previously competed as athletes for GBR, both to ensure succession planning and to capitalise on international experience gained which is invaluable to our developing athletes

We are looking for dedicated voluntary support to:

• Lead and inspire athletes at GBR squad training sessions
• Lead and support GBR Teams at International competition
• Develop training programmes for GBR training sessions
• Travel to International competition to support the Team.

The individuals will:

• Hold appropriate and relevant recognised qualifications, or be willing to undertake a qualification
• Provide evidence of recent relevant coaching experience, including named teams and athletes
• Report to the GBR LIfesaving Manager and GBR Lifesaving Steering Group
• Hold or be willing to undertake a training in safeguarding and anti-­doping
• Have International experience as an athlete or coach
• Be a member and in good standing of either RLSS UK, SLSGB or SLSA Wales
• Have knowledge & understanding of ILS & ILSE rules
• Have independent references which can be verified

We would anticipate that all GBR selected specialists would attend the GBR athlete trial 22 July, Portreath Cornwall, to observe the athletes race where possible. If you would like to apply, please submit a one-­page letter covering the points above with a CV reflecting your experience to by Tuesday 18 April 2017 Please email any questions in advance. The specialist support team will be announced by Friday 21 April latest.

Find out more about the GBR Team here;